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A vitamin is an organic compound that is a required nutrient by an individual.  These are usually supplied by the diet and cannot be made in sufficient quantities to meet the needs of that individual.  Vitamins are vital for the optimal health as they are involved in the thousands of metabolic and detoxification processes of the body.  Many believe that we get sufficient vitamins from our diet.  This would certainly be ideal but how many of us eat properly.  Our highly processed foods do not have the nutrients we need.  Many of us eat high calorie low nutrient foods.  Most fast foods fall in this category. 
We offer single and multi-vitamins from Bronson, Douglas Laboratories, Natural Creations, and Phyto Pharmica.  Some are gender and or condition specific.  Natural Creations’ Nutraplenish line is condition specific formulas that contain vitamins, amino acids, mineral and some herbs to support specific needs.

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